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SEDAM Communications Limited is a UK based company with the "front line" offices and off shore storage facilities in Willemstad, Curacao.

We ship throughout the Caribbean. Our merchandise and services are duty-free for visiting boats.

Our customer base is primarily from the area of the Southern Caribbean Seas and South America, however we can provide our service all around the world.

The Company is dedicated to provide maritime radio communication and radio navigation systems, air time and electronic chart systems for leisure craft including mega yachts and also for commercial vessels. We provide ongoing support at all levels and "front line" support and representation of big maritime suppliers. We supply the best equipment models available on the Market.

We are qualified and experienced to provide help in every area electronics onboard:

  •  Radio Communications;
  •  Satellite airtime;
  •  Distress alerting;
  •  Marine IT;
  •  Radio Navigation, ECDIS, ECS;
  •  AIS and security alerting;
  •  Yacht security;
  •  Entertainment;
  •  Satellite TV;
  •  Monitoring and control;
  •  Any other yacht's high tech work.


Tens of years experience at Inmarsat, Cospas-Sarsat. Plus years of sailing commercial ships and yachts - we know your needs

  •  any yachts big or small
  •  we make your boat ready for the Pacific and beyond
  •  you will be back because you will like us


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